Welcome to kapanigraphix. Here, you can find information and links directing to our multiple activities – graphic design, acrylic jewelry, product design, art exhibitions and shops.


Kapanigraphix is an umbrella under which a team of people operates on multiple activities. The name comes from Kapani market of Thessaloniki (open market next to Aristotelous) where our graphic design studio is based, since 1991. Our team works on graphic design projects and services for third parties, creates acrylic jewelery, art and design objects and runs an e-shop under the same name, two shops under the name “the flying fig”, an exhibition art gallery with an art-shop under the name “ρω” (roartspace.gr). It also operates the wholesale and retail of SHIBUI and ADMGR.GR


kapanigraphix has started at 1991 as a graphic design studio in Thessaloniki at the area of Kapani open market. The clientele includes companies from private and public sector. The services includes; corporate identity and its applications, posters, greeting cards, cd packaging, product labels and packaging, books and conference minutes. You can see work samples at the button below.

Since 2004, kapanigraphix has started designing and producing jewelery and decorative objects made of plexiglass or silver and decorative frames. These products are sold at our shops under the name “the flying fig” and at the kapanigraphix.com e-shop for international and domestic orders.


roartspace is an art space – gallery in the center of the city of Thessaloniki 100 meters from the White Tower (the symbol of the city). It is established at 2013 at a ground floor of 140sqm, with easy access. It has hosted more than 100 art exhibitions – painting, pottery, sculpture, photography – live music concerts, performances, book presentations and bazaars.

At the entrance of the gallery is an art-shop with art and design works created by local artist. Here you can find presents for your loved ones and unique company presents. The shop operates at the gallery’s time schedule but you can also book an appointment.

the flying fig

the flying fig is a brand of shops, one in Thessaloniki at the ground-floor of kapanigraphix studio building at Kapani Market and the other at the island of Syros next to the main square of Ermoupoli. Both shops have the same merchandise consisting of kapanigraphix creations, shibui, admgr and objects created by artist of all disciplines (from paintings, photography, pottery and sculptures to jewelry) and from home decoration to memorabilia, all picked for their original design.

The Flying Fig @ Syros – Virtual tour